Hi everyone

Its been a while since I have posted anything on here, so I thought now we’re going into a new season I would write a few words to say what’s been happening since I did.

As the season has just started there is not a lot to go by to date as it early days, as the first time I had somebody on the river we had torrential thunderstorms and the river rose by 2ft overnight! and took some time to settle down again so we lost a few days to start with

Since then on the river people have caught , the largest Barbel so far weighing 11lbs 8oz along with Chub to around the 5lbs mark

Although the winter floods have caused carnage on both of my stretches , I have done my best to clear the banks and sort the swims & it has not been easy!.

Most swims have Ropes & Steps cut out where needed but I do advise people to bring a spade and a hedge bill hook as steps get eroded quite quickly if the weather conditions change i.e the river rising in flash storms. Steps are not hard to reinstate(a few minutes) so that’s why I say to people bring a spade – I can’t be there all the time, I do live 20miles away from the fishery myself!

I used to leave a spade but it just kept disappearing so I suggest to people to bring there own now

I also say to people to bear in mind that the River Teme is a wild river & even though I do my best to make sure the swims are accessible it still may not suit everyone as the banks are quite steep in places- please ask if you have any concerns before booking the river.

There are swims which everyone can access but people think they are all the same – some are steeper than others but these steep swims come into use when the river rises and the lower ones are no longer fisheable – people look at them and think they are not accessible but they are in higher water.

Both fisheries have car parking and camping areas right by the river with some easier swims for these people in mind who can’t walk to far or cant manage the river banks. You can catch just as many fish remaining in the same swim but the variety is there for different styles of fishing

The price /day has had to go up by £5/day to £65 for exclusive use of either beat for up to a max of 4 rods/beat/day.

This is mainly due to increased river bank clearance costs but also I haven’t changed the price now for at least 10yrs & a slight increase couldn’t be held off any longer – as other costs have gone up as well

Night fishing is allowed and each person can fish 2 rods if they so wish to

Brochures provided upon request at my email address ;- havenfishery@aol.com or message me on 07788669907

Please get in touch if you are interested – I will help if I can

Hope you all have a successful season wherever you are

Richard Godsall