Hi everyone

Its been a while since I have posted anything on here, so I thought now we’re going into a new season I would write a few words to say what’s been happening since I did.

Its been a difficult time in the past few years due to various reasons but hopefully we are coming through most of these now.

These were mainly due to :-

1/ Covid which caused a lot of confusion in the fishing world for everyone involved in it.

2/ Disruption on the Knightwick bridge beat due to the alterations on the weir which have finally now been completed and the fishery settling down and getting back to normal again

3/ The very dry season we had last year didn’t help but even so, both fisheries still produced some good days fishing. with Barbel coming out up to 14lbs and Chubb to just under 7lbs along with other variables as well.

Sadly even though we appear to have got through these awkward times , we now face new challenges – mainly which are the excessive extraction of water and the overall level of contamination in these rivers. As unless we do challenge these major issues then I believe there will be serious consequences for river fishing & the river habitat as a whole and that time is not far away in the distant future .

I fear those responsible, simply appear not to care & I question whether they ever will unless they’re forced to by us members of the public. Hope everyone bears this in mind when given the opportunity to do something about it.

Both the Haven & Knightwick bridge are running again this season with approx 20/25 swims on each

Most swims have Ropes & Steps cut out where needed but I do advise people to bring a spade as steps get eroded quite quickly if the weather conditions change.

I also say to people to bear in mind that the River Teme is a wild river & I do my best to make the swims are accessible but even so it still may not suit everyone – please ask if you have any concerns before booking the river.

Both fisheries have car parking and camping areas right by the river with some easier swims for these people in mind who can’t walk to far or cant manage the river banks.

The price /day remains the same at the moment £60/day for exclusive use of either beat for up to a max of 4 rods/beat/day

Night fishing is allowed and each person can fish 2 rods if they so wish to

Brochures provided upon request at my email address ;- havenfishery@aol.com or message me on 07788669907

Please get in touch if you are interested – I will help if I can

Hope you all have a successful season wherever you are

Richard Godsall